Project Description

I am currently working on this project with a private client on the Sunshine Coast. She inherited a beachfront cottage that her father built as a summer vacation home when she was a small child. She wanted to upgrade it and turn it into her own little sanctuary, a “She-shed”, as she called it.

I recruited a very talented Sunshine Coast artist and builder, Cody Chancellor, who specializes in organic West Coast-themed designs using driftwood and other materials harvested from local beaches. Together, Cody and I came up with a bold new layout for the She-shed. We proposed opening up the space for more natural light and better flow by taking out a central wall and replacing it with two driftwood posts. Instead of keeping one main bedroom with two small guest rooms, we expanded the living room area and created a Master Suite with a walk-thru closet to a completely re-designed ensuite bathroom.

The cottage was originally designed with hosting family and friends for summer vacations in mind. My client, with her own private retreat in mind, had no use for the existing 3 small bedrooms. The original bathroom was small and had a bathtub. She asked us to redesign her bathroom for better flow and aesthetics. She wanted a walk-in shower instead of the tub.

This is a work in progress, so the images here are not quite polished, but will hopefully demonstrate the design direction and some of the transformations taking place.

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We expanded the space by pushing the west partition 18 inches into the adjacent tiny bedroom (which became the master walk-through closet) and created a corner vanity


Cody built a custom walk-in shower stall using tiny stones from the beach for flooring and accents. There is a half wall with glazing separating the toilet from the shower


The half wall between the shower and the toilet features another driftwood post and is seen here ready for glazing


With the expansion in the bathroom, we were able to fit a small bench in the corner between the main door and the pocket door to the walk-through closet


A load-bearing driftwood post stands in place of a section of the central wall that was removed


An alternate view of the same post and into the kitchen beyond


The kitchen peninsula counter top was replaced with a cedar slab sliced from a fallen tree on the property

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