Project Description

Good Earth Builder Natural Building Collective (a.k.a. GEB) is an organization of enthusiastic individuals on the Sunshine Coast, inspired by The Mud Girls Natural Building Collective from Lasqueti Island. GEB facilitates local workshops on cob building techniques for the general public and designs and builds cob structures for private clients. These are some of the GEB projects I was involved in during my time as a member of the collective.

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Garden shed built with students from the Sun Haven Waldorf School

Garden shed interior unplastered wall detail

Sun Haven Waldorf School garden shed project. The property owner planned to create a living roof with herbs and grasses growing there.

Cob Bench in private client’s backyard

Good Earth Builder teamed up with the Mud Girls to offer a cob building workshop at the Deer Crossing the Art Farm Retreat in Langdale. The workshop series, which resulted in a retreat kitchen on the property, included: cob building, cedar shake roofing and natural plastering.

Nina and I work on building up a cob wall in the Art Farm Retreat kitchen

Interior wall detail showing plastered cob up to the rafters and embedded glass

Front exterior of the retreat kitchen

Rear exterior of the retreat kitchen showing freshly completed exterior plaster

Interior wall detail showing coloured plaster and dry-stack foundation

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